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Sirens (1/?).

Pairing: Swan Queen|Rating: T for now|TW: none|Word Count: 581

"Okay, everyone, we’re coming into Siren territory," Regina called out, staring ahead from the bow of the Jolly Roger. "We’ve got about five minutes before they show up, we should tie the boys up so they can’t dive to their deaths," She added, reaching for a long length of rope and heading for the mast.

"And just how do you know it’s Siren waters if you’ve never been to Neverland before?" Hook questioned. "I mean, yes, you’re right, but it’s suspicious." 

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Manly (1/1)

Regina let out a little “Uh,” as she was shoved forcefully against the fridge, hands snaking around her hips and pulling her ass against a crotch and letting out another sound when Emma started to grind them together.

"Manly, huh?" Emma whispered roughly into her ear, gritting her teeth slightly. "I can be manly, Madame Mayor."

~One Hour Earlier~

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Ship: Regina/Mulan|Rating: M|Kinks: Dry-humping/grinding, very slightly D/s

"Have you ever been dominated?" Mulan asked through heavy breaths, lying back on rumpled silk sheets with Regina on her chest - who lifted her head curiously. "Willingly," She clarified.

Regina thought for a long moment, toying with the small necklace her lover was wearing. “No, not willingly. Why?” She frowned, leaning in for a quick and soft kiss.

"Would you be? With someone you could trust?"

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Ship: Rizzles | Rating: M | Words: 666

Fic based on this gifset.


They did it. TJ was finally out for the night - or for now at least - and Maura gratefully slipped into the shower, sighing as the hot water ran over her.

Jane was lying back on Maura’s bed, able to hear the water running. She couldn’t shake the fact from her head that Maura was naked on the other side of the wall, wet and probably soapy.

Maura herself had a knot of adrenaline in her stomach, knowing that Jane was just feet away from her bare body. Of course, they’d showered in close proximity before - the meningitis scare being one of those times - but lately there was a strong… sexual tension between them.

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Ship: Swan Queen | Rating: T | Trigger Warnings: Abortion/forced miscarriage (re-telling) | Word Count: 1931

Regina smiled proudly at herself, having just put up the final strip of wallpaper in the previously spare bedroom. Checking her phone, she saw that she had just enough time to clean up, shower, and change to pick Henry up from school.

She cleared the room of her wallpapering and painting equipment, storing it back in the basement. She brought up the newly-repainted cot that Henry had slept in. She brought up his old toys, brushing off the dust. She threw the carpet cuttings in the trash. She locked the bedroom door - a new baby sister was going to be a surprise for Henry.

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Ship: Rizzles|Rating: T|Words: 242


Maura opened her eyes and smiled softly at the memories of last night, hunching her shoulders as she snuggled further under the duvet.

She raised an eyebrow as she heard footsteps padding through the door or the bedroom, behind her as she lay on her side. Jane walked around the bed and set down two cups of coffee on the bedside table.

“Instant for me, Roman orgy for you,” she smiled, pushing Maura’s hair out of her face.

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RemyWrites FanFiction.net Fic Masterlist

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Send me prompts. I want to get back into writing.


Second Hand (1/1)

My first Hooked Queen fic. It’s only going to be something little. Rating: T


They sailed through the wide open seas of Neverland until night fell, at which point Hook lowered the anchor so that everyone could be well rested for morning.

Snow and Charming took one bunk, and Emma slept above them. Regina was due to share with Emma, but before going to bed she noticed Killian standing on deck, looking out at the glittering ocean.

She wrapped her coat tighter around her and headed over to him, standing by his side. 

"Are you okay?" She asked quietly, looking up at him. 

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The Queen Is Dead. (1/1)


Rocks continued to crumble to the floor around her as Emma ran down the mine again, long after the shaking of the town had stopped. Henry clung to Snow’s stomach, sobbing heavily into her coat after his birth mother had relayed the goodbye.

Emma didn’t stop until she reached where the crystal had been, looking around for any sign of Regina. She finally noticed a limp body under a pile of small rocks, and shook her head desperately. “No. No no no. Please, God, no.” She mumbled through tears as she cleared away the stone lumps and revealed Regina.

Lying on her back, cold and lifeless, the woman seemed almost peaceful. As though she had found solace in death.

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Contain it. (1/1)

Yes the full stop in the title is necessary what are you talking about

Pairing: Swan Queen/Rating: T

"I can’t contain this much longer." Regina said through gritted teeth, shaking slightly with the force she was using.

Killian relayed the message through the strange device she’d given him (a ‘cell phone’, whatever that was) to the Charmings, who were by the entrance of the mine.

"I’m going in." Emma sighed, passing her gloves to Henry. 

"No, Emma, you can’t!" Snow pleaded, reaching out for the daughter she once lost.

Emma turned on her mother with a raised eyebrow and a defiant stare. “If Regina fails, we die. If Regina and I fail, we die. The outcome of failure is the same, so I’m going in.” She ran into the mine, making her way to the Queen and the Pirate as quickly as she could. 

She came up behind Regina and quickly stepped around her to face her. “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

Regina didn’t question Emma’s appearance, eyes squeezed shut as she got weaker by the second. "It may be magic but that’s what contains it, keeps it d-dormant. Even with all that fairy dust I absorbed, I don’t have enough." 

"So what do I do, Regina?" Emma sighed, bringing her own hands up around the crystal as two tendons of magic snapped from it to the palms of her hands. She clenched her jaw.


The shaking of the town started to lessen but was still prominent, and Regina shook her head. “It’s not enough!”

"Don’t back down!" Emma shouted over the crumbling of rocks around them, leaning closer. "If there is one thing I know about you, Regina, it’s that you don’t give in."

Meanwhile, Hook had accidentally disconnected the call and was walking around playing with the camera feature, tapping the screen with his hook and wondering why there were suddenly two of everything and the smaller ones were trapped inside the device.

"We can do this." Emma nodded, stepping closer, again, to Regina. "We will not let Henry die. I won’t let you die."

She sighed as she rested her forehead against Regina’s, gritting her teeth to put more force behind keeping the crystal at bay.

Within a split second of their heads touching, the black stone swelled and burst, sending shards flying into their hands, bodies, and the surrounding areas.

Both women groaned in pain as the shaking quivered down to nothing, still leaning against each other.

"That… was unexpected." Regina panted, slumping into the hug Emma pulled her into in relief.

"Will it blowing up do any damage?"

"Probably not to the town, but we should get every shard out of us as quickly as we can."

"You did it!" Henry shouted, running towards them. "You saved everyone!" He flung himself against both of his mothers, the three of them wrapped up quite snugly as Killian received a shock from the phone and dropped it.

"Ow! Bugger."

"Not nice, is it, pirate?"

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So here’s a theory I had about Clara when they were in the room with the Eye of Harmony:

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If anyone would like to expand on this I would take it very happily and discuss it with you!